Clarifications about the EMA points & how they work via @30STMVOTE

#ECHELON– Spread the word: 

We need to get moving! We are currently at the 3rd position which is not bad but it is not great. The elimination phase will start soon & only the top 5 will survive so we’re currently at the edge.TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS ABOUT THE POINTS:Right now the daily limit is 6 votes per day. YES, I know the rules say that 10 votes is the limit but this will be the case ONCE all of the actions are available. Check this out:

  • Watch a video
  • View a flipbook
  • Read an article
  • Take a poll (from 17 Sept)
  • Like/follow MTV EMA
  • Like/follow an artist (from 17 Sept)
  • Share/email a page
  • Refer someone to
  • Tag an artist (from 17 Sept)
  • Cast a vote (from 17 Sept)

10 actions = 10 votes. Right now, you can only do 6 actions out of 10, this is the reason that’s the daily limit so you don’t have to exhaust yourselves by trying to find imaginary points. You will not get them. Don’t waste hours at the site.

Actually, you can get those points every day in about 5 minutes. Seriously. Your daily routine at the EMA site should be:
-Watch a video. Actually you have to watch an entire video playlist, so I suggest you choose a playlist which contains ONE video like “Classic EMA performances” or some sort. Once you watch this = 1 point.

  • View a flipbook. This is a photo album for those having problems understanding what this is. Check ONE flipbook & check all the pictures until the end. 1 point.
  • Read an article. Go through the 3-4 articles of the EMA site just to make sure you get that point.
  • Unfollow/Unlike the EMA page & follow/like them again. (Oh well…we need that extra point, right?)
  • Share a page to Twitter/Facebook. You don’t have to e-mail it…Sharing is easier. I suggest you share the Biggest Fans page or the Thirty Seconds To Mars Team for obvious reasons. 1 point again!
  • Refer someone at the EMA site. Well that’s a tricky one & we can’t always get that point. At least not daily. If you go to your Team Page, you will see “Recruit Fans” under “My Team”. Click on the Twitter button & you’ll see that it will re-direct you to Twitter & it will provide a UNIQUE reference link that’s only for you. If you tweet this & someone JOINS our Team via YOUR link, you will get an extra point because you will have referred them to the EMA site successfully.

Anyway, at least 5 points daily is a MUST.

Yes, I know I’m currently first at the MARS Team but as I said, this didn’t happen because I’m smarter or because I have more free time in my hands. It happened because I looked around carefully and I was lucky enough to find out how this whole thing works. If you have a question, don’t hesitate to ask me but please READ THIS FIRST.

Spread the word about this post & let’s win this thing! Really…we won “Best Rock Video” at VMA, now 3rd place at EMA is ridiculous. Do this “ritual” every day & we’ll see a difference.

p.s. If you’re still having doubts about how this whole thing works, open a new tab with your points & refresh everytime you complete one of those actions above. You’ll see that once you do one of them, the extra point will appear just fine.

Now start gaining points!!


Original Twit-Longer can be found HERE


Vote daily for @GlobalDIRT per our Echelon leader @jaredleto!

Flights. Camera. Action

And it’s super easy!

All you have to do is visit  this website & click on the link to watch the video by Global Disaster Immediate Response Team (Global DIRT) then follow the directions. You’ll also be entered to win 25,000 AAdvantage miles.

If Global Dirt wins, they’ll receive 30 plane tickets to get to future disasters.

Voting goes on until September 25, 2013.

With watching the news on BBC America tonight, the state of Colorado could sure use some assistance!


EchelonList: @30SECONDSTOMARS Tickets for sale

You’ve heard of CraigsList? This is the Echelons version. Many have contacted us throughout the two years we’ve been around asking us to help tweet they have extra Mars tickets for sale. We’ll post the info here & you can contact the seller directly.

We cannot vouch for the person selling the ticket & we’re not held responsible for the sale. You need to use your best judgement when purchasing a ticket on-line from an unknown individual. BUT since the Echelon family are a close-knit bunch, you usually know the person selling the ticket from a friend of a friend. Always do your homework before spending your money!!!

Hollywood Bowl
 has 2 tickets for sale.
1. Section N2 Row 5 Seat 101 for $40
2. Section TERR2 Row 1620 Seat 2 for $90
The prices for the tickets are at face value
About Tracey, she’s bought these tickets for others out of the kindness of her heart. For whatever reason she is now left with extra tickets. She has also helped raise funds for @

Camden, NJ
@TAINAINCA has 2 tickets for sale & both are together.
Section 104, Row T, seats 21 & 22 for $40 each
The price for the tickets are at face value
About Martha, she’s donated 2 CD’s & 2 COM posters to our Give Out Loud Giveaway. She also has donated a ticket to the Camden, NJ show for us to give away. 

@ladyd712 has 3 PIT tickets for sale. $39.50 + the $12.50 handling fee charged by TicketMaster comes to $52 per ticket (same as what I paid for) If you want all three tickets the cost is $156. The Pit sold out fast so here’s your chance!!!


Tweet them for additional information.


The @tomofromearth and @vckbee Fighting for the World Birthday Celebration with @World_Wildlife!

We all have a special spot in our hearts for Tomo and Vicki. There’s the cuteness, the devotion, the humor, did I mention cuteness? But their never-ending desire to fight for the world’s animals is so inspiring! This year we are announcing what will be an annual birthday drive for Tomo and Vicki in support of the World Wildlife Fund, which they support annually themselves!

You can participate in two ways: donate directly to WWF or show us how you fight for the world in your community! Volunteer at a pet shelter, clean up a park, help an elderly neighbor by walking their dog….the possibilities are endless!

It feels good to give back and show the world why the Echelon are a force to be reckoned with for good. But this year Echelon Donates is giving back as well! We are picking 2 donors at random to win an autographed LLF+D insert purchased from Newbury Comics along with some Echelon Donates stickers! And don’t worry we verified that the autographs are authentic.

Signed LLF+D Insert

One winner will be chosen from those who donate money & another will be someone who volunteers their time!

Tomo will be made aware of our progress at the Camden, New Jersey USA show M&G on September 29th by one of the members of Echelon Donates. However, donations will continue to be accepted until October 25th!

Where do I donate?!?!?

If you are in the US & want to make a tax deductible donation then click here.

To make a donation in Euros, Pounds or other currencies then click here.

To be included in the card that will be sent to Tomo & Vicki you must follow these directions!!!!

Did I get your attention? Good!

For money donations: Forward the email confirmation to Make sure to include your Twitter name or else we’ll use your first name only on the card. If your address is in the confirmation then make sure to delete that prior to forwarding. If you can’t NO WORRIES! We DO NOT share your contact information with ANYONE!

For volunteers: Provide an image and describe to us briefly how you spent your time.

The Race is on Children of the Giving Empire….let’s show them how we Fight for the World with Tomo & Vicki!

Work to VyRT Giveaway by @EchelonDonates!


The moment you have been waiting for has come: Artifact is coming to VyRT!

On this wondrous occasion, we wanted to do a giveaway for the world premiere of the award winning documentary. Now wait, there’s a catch! We are going to make you work for it.

Being an Echelon is about more than Thirty Seconds To Mars. It’s also about being part of a family and community. So what we would like you to do is give back to your community and/or environment. How?

By doing a good deed.

It could be volunteering at your local soup kitchen, or picking up trash around your neighborhood. Or planting a tree! Even spending an afternoon with the elderly playing cards at their retirement home. Or helping them get their groceries to their car.

Everything you can do to help counts.

You must submit a picture, if you’re able to, of what you did to help your community or environment with a description. If you’re not able to do a photo, submit a small detailed description of your giving adventure.

All submissions should be sent to with “Artifact/VyRT Work For It Giveaway” in the subject.

Deadline for all submissions in by August 15, 2013. Two lucky winners will be chosen and will receive Artifact on VyRT.

Remember, the biggest gift of all is the goodwill you’ll receive by giving back.

With Love,


“Artifact/VyRT Work For It Giveaway” Team Leader