A Surprise Shoutout from @MTVact for @EchelonDonates!

Our team is so thankful for the support we receive from MTV Act. The latest mentions in an article about Jared’s #UnionSquareMarsFlash were complete pleasant surprises! As if being present at the impromptu show wasn’t gift enough?

“To stay up to date on what The Echelon is up to and what world-changing cause they’re tackling next, check out Echelon Donates. The ladies that founded the group are responsible for some amazing projects, so if you’re looking to show 30STM some love while saving the world, you’ll definitely want to get involved.”

Be sure to comment and return the love to MTV Act!

Echelon Donates on MTV Act


City Of Angels by Jared Leto #UnionSquareMarsFlash by @EchelonDonates

Who saw the last minute tweets from Jared Leto saying he was going to do a #UnionSquareMarsFlash on Saturday, May 11, 2013? Well Ali (AKA Alicia) the leader of our team happened to be plugging in the address to her hotel in Philly into her GPS when she saw the tweet. Instead of heading off to Philly she put the peddle to the metal & hauled butt into NYC!

It was a small gathering of less than 50 Echelon who answered the call. No mic’s were needed & Jared’s voice stood out from the loud song of sirens mixed with the rest of the sounds from the city.  Ali described the event via twitter as…

Some sermons move the soul. @jaredleto singing moves me more than a priests words ever could #ChurchOfMars


The @NYC_Echelon Street Team to Promote Love Lust Faith + Dreams during Earth Day #ED4ED

Besides managing Echelon Donates I’m also a busy little Echelon who’s one of the Street Team Captains for the NYC Echelon. Our first Street Team assault in July 2011 had us on a billboard in Time Square where the team won the Night Of The Hunter contest! We also responsibly papered the streets of New York promoting the Mars300 concert series in November 2011. Now Mars has a new album out so strap on your chucks or low heeled boots and we’ll be walk the streets to get the word out about Love Lust Faith + Dreams!

I asked @PulangMansanas who’s a member of Echelon Donates to whip something up for the NYC Echelon Street Team to use & she made these BAD ASS FLYERS!?!?!?

Claudia was so awesome to make flyers for the US, UK AND Australia release dates! She’s allowing everyone to use her creations so make sure to send her some love & thanks!

During the two Earth Day Events in NYC on Saturday, April 20, 2013 & on Saturday, April 27, 2013, we will also be hosting a Street Team assault getting the word out that Thirty Seconds To Mars has a new album! Email us at EchelonDonates@gmail.com if you’re interested in volunteering for either Earth Day event along with the street assault. BRING THE ENTIRE FAMILY!

A great idea for the flyers is why not print them on plantable seeded paper!?!?! It’s a great eco choice & a way to help promote Earth Day on Monday, April 22, 2013. *hint hint*

So who’s going to host their own Earth Day / LLFD street assault? Let us know & we’ll help promote it!

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 LLFD Flyer BW - US

Black & White UK LLFD Flyers
Black & White Australia LLFD Flyers

LLFD Flyer Color - US

Color UK LLFD Flyers
Color Australia LLFD Flyers

Sophie (@30STMVOTE) Says Farewell to Echelon Donates


Sophie (@30STMVOTE) tweeted yesterday announcing she is leaving Echelon Donates. This is what she had to say…

I regret to inform you that I am no longer part of Echelon Donates. As most of you know, university has taken over a big part of my life & since MARS is coming up with an upcoming album, tour & who knows what else – I want to dedicate 100% of my free time to the promotion of the band [from this account].I discussed it with Alicia, who is the co-founder of ED & she will keep going with the account & website herself. This means, there will be more Echelon Donates projects for you & the band. I will keep supporting the organization but unfortunately I won’t be able to be a vital part of it.

Thank you all so much for the beautiful ride & the continuous support you’ve shown to our projects. All of them ended up so successful because of you.

Please respect my decision & understand that I can be in only one place right now thanks to my limited personal free time.

Stay tuned for more projects to the @echelondonates account. Love you all,

Sophie X”

I am so proud of Sophie that she’s wise enough to put school first. Sophie helped create Echelon Donates and will forever be a part of this family. We hope you will continue to support our efforts in helping to make a change in the world.

Banner for Bucks!

Our FaceBook page could use some sprucing up with a cover. What to do?

Well, we’ll hold a contest for the best original cover to put up on our FaceBook page! That’s what we’ll do!!! But who will decide what banner to use? OH! We’ll post all of the entries on EchelonDonates.com and you, YES YOU, will get to choose the winner!!!

You’re probably asking, “So what’s in it for me?” Isn’t our ever dying love enough? Okay, FINE! How does a $10USD iTunes e-card sound? Yes, you read that right! If you win, you will be a paid artist!

The Details:

  • The image must be formatted to fit in the FaceBook Cover at 960×330
  • Only original artwork you have created will be accepted. Please do not submit a banner that you did not create.
  • Discreetly watermark your entry.
  • Multiple entries are welcomed.
  • It can be based on 30STM, our charity projects, or things you’d like to see changed in the world.
  • Must contain the Echelon Donates logo.
  • PG-13 Rated material. (Be careful with the Hurricane images, folks! There are kids who visit our FaceBook page)
  • Mail your entries to EchelonDonates@gmail.com. All entries must be received by June 26, 2012 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time. (That’s NYC time)
  •  All entries will be posted onto EchelonDonates.com and will be on voted by the Echelon.  We will be rotating the banners on FaceBook, choosing at random until the winner is announced.
  • Finally the most important rule of them all: You must have fun!!!


What Does It Mean To You As An Echelon To Give Back? Show Us!

Echelon Donates wants you to submit your videos on what giving back as an Echelon means to you!

We have created a virtual Summit, much like 30 Seconds to Mars, where you can submit these videos. Be as creative as possible, but please keep your videos to under a minute. We will choose the best ones to be featured in a promo video for the current Echelon Donates project “Trees Planted in Haiti – An Echelon Gift to Jared Leto”.

Submissions are due by November 11th. Please submit them to EchelonDonates@gmail.com

Videos must be able to be sent as an attachment in an email.

*We figure the easiest and best way to do this is to videotape your submissions using your cell phone’s camera.*

Thank you @CSK3983 for making this happen!