Be a part of the #LLFDPhotoflash by @30STMVOTE!


Announcing….The LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS Photoflash!

Deadline: July 5th.

Please keep the quality of the picture as decent as possible.
Include the name of your COUNTRY in the e-mail.
I’ll create a collage out of all the pictures & I’ll share it with you.

I understand & know that many of you haven’t received the album yet & that’s the reason I tried to delay the deadline as much as possible. I want to give the final collage to MARS when I meet them in July. IF YOU have the album in your hands, feel free to send your picture already!

Let’s make this huge so we can show to the world that MARS IS HERE better than ever.
Plus— if the project ends up big, MARS will love the overwhelming support from the Echelon.
For any questions, contact: @30STMVOTE on Twitter or visit my ask box here.

Spread the word about this project everywhere — in all your social media pages & make sure your echelon friends know about it so they can take part too. Talk about it on Twitter with the hashtag #LLFDPhotoflash.

p.s. The event has an official Facebook event page! Find it here & invite your friends to join and/or post it to other echelon pages so they can promote it themselves.

p.p.s. If you DO take part, please send a post in Twitter “I just took part in the #LLFDPhotoflash. You?” or a similar tweet in order to promote the project. Thank you!

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The Echelon Gives Back To @30STMVOTE


How can you be an Echelon and not think of @30STMVOTE? She’s been a strong voice leading the Echelon by calling them to arms to vote for the band, to have us call or tweet radio stations asking to play the latest Mars songs and of course how selflessly she dedicates her time to help others out. Look at what she’s done with Echelon Donates, starting the VyRT giveaways, Hands Up For Luca and giving away the 2 tickets she won from Jared for the LLF+D CD project she’s doing in partnership with @ACall2Arms.

Now it’s time for the Echelon to say THANK YOU SOPHIE!!! We are asking the Echelon to donate $5 or what ever can be donated so she can fly, stay in a hotel and buy a ticket to see a 30 Seconds To Mars show. We already have about 10 people who’ve donated!

If you want to say thanks to Sophie for all her hard work then send us a donation for the Echelon Gives Back To @30STMVOTE Project! PayPal us at MAKE SURE TO SEND IT AS A GIFT SO THERE AREN’T BANK FEES DEBITED. In the notes section please include your twitter name to be added to the card sent to Sophie.

We love you Sophie and there’s so many out there who love you too.

The @NYC_Echelon Street Team to Promote Love Lust Faith + Dreams during Earth Day #ED4ED

Besides managing Echelon Donates I’m also a busy little Echelon who’s one of the Street Team Captains for the NYC Echelon. Our first Street Team assault in July 2011 had us on a billboard in Time Square where the team won the Night Of The Hunter contest! We also responsibly papered the streets of New York promoting the Mars300 concert series in November 2011. Now Mars has a new album out so strap on your chucks or low heeled boots and we’ll be walk the streets to get the word out about Love Lust Faith + Dreams!

I asked @PulangMansanas who’s a member of Echelon Donates to whip something up for the NYC Echelon Street Team to use & she made these BAD ASS FLYERS!?!?!?

Claudia was so awesome to make flyers for the US, UK AND Australia release dates! She’s allowing everyone to use her creations so make sure to send her some love & thanks!

During the two Earth Day Events in NYC on Saturday, April 20, 2013 & on Saturday, April 27, 2013, we will also be hosting a Street Team assault getting the word out that Thirty Seconds To Mars has a new album! Email us at if you’re interested in volunteering for either Earth Day event along with the street assault. BRING THE ENTIRE FAMILY!

A great idea for the flyers is why not print them on plantable seeded paper!?!?! It’s a great eco choice & a way to help promote Earth Day on Monday, April 22, 2013. *hint hint*

So who’s going to host their own Earth Day / LLFD street assault? Let us know & we’ll help promote it!

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 LLFD Flyer BW - US

Black & White UK LLFD Flyers
Black & White Australia LLFD Flyers

LLFD Flyer Color - US

Color UK LLFD Flyers
Color Australia LLFD Flyers

Celebrate Earth Day 2013 with Echelon Donates (#ED4ED)

EARTH DAY Banner2-1

Growing up in Los Angeles, brownish gray air was a part of our daily lives. I remember struggling to breathe like most asthmatic kids through the haze. It is hard to believe conditions were worse before Senator Gaylord Nelson created the first Earth Day in 1970. Imagine how bad things would be today before this worthy cause was brought to national attention. Yet the battle still rages on.

In the spirit of continuing the good fight for our planet, we ask that you join us in celebrating Earth Day 2013!

Earth Day is Monday, April 22nd. Like most of you, we work on Monday but that isn’t going to stop us from helping clean our communities along with our precious planet. We’re throwing out a challenge to YOU! (Yes, you!) Not only the Echelon but anyone who cares about the planet. We are asking you to donate the most precious thing you can offer… your time!

There are many ways to celebrate the day: by volunteering to help clean your community, beautify a retirement home, remove graffiti from school for example. Or better yet, get creative and find a way that is meaningful to you! No matter how you participate, this is a great chance for you to have a positive impact on this planet.

Ideas for Earth Day challenge:

Ideas for Earth Day activities:

Whether cleaning your community or clicking away to help count bats or if you come up with a better idea, please remember to take pictures and share! Get creative with how you document your participation and email your pictures to (and include your Twitter name please).

No money is needed to join in this cause: just your time! However, if you choose to do so, please support organizations from our previous projects Waves 4 Water or Trees For The Future. Remember to forward your donation confirmation to to have a special note included on the card.

Get those ideas flowing and let us know you are with us!

We will be updating the teams as more come forward. Start a team in your town/country today! Tweet us to ask how.

Celebrate Shanimal’s (@ShannonLeto) Birthday with Doctors Without Borders

ED Honors Shannon Leto

We are so excited to announce the latest project in honor of our beloved Shanimal’s birthday with Doctors Without Borders! We couldn’t think of a better way to show love and gratitude to our quiet genius than by donating to the quiet geniuses who work tirelessly behind the scenes providing medical aid to those in need around the world. We know March 9th is coming up rather quickly, so we are gonna honor Shannon’s entire birthday month!

Deadline to donate and be a part of the ED card is March 31st.

How to donate:

  • In the Unites States, click here to make your donation.
  • Outside of the US, please find the website to your country and follow the directions to make your donation.
  • If neither of these options works and you would like to donate via Echelon Donates’ PayPal account, then send us an email and we will be glad to work with you!

Please note: All donations will be made minus the service fees deducted by Paypal. No fees or funds are held by Echelon Donates.

To get your name and Twitter on the card, you MUST email the donation confirmation to

Please note: Only donations made to Doctors Without Borders will qualify you to get your name on the card. If no email is received, your name will not be placed on the card.

Sophie (@30STMVOTE) Says Farewell to Echelon Donates


Sophie (@30STMVOTE) tweeted yesterday announcing she is leaving Echelon Donates. This is what she had to say…

I regret to inform you that I am no longer part of Echelon Donates. As most of you know, university has taken over a big part of my life & since MARS is coming up with an upcoming album, tour & who knows what else – I want to dedicate 100% of my free time to the promotion of the band [from this account].I discussed it with Alicia, who is the co-founder of ED & she will keep going with the account & website herself. This means, there will be more Echelon Donates projects for you & the band. I will keep supporting the organization but unfortunately I won’t be able to be a vital part of it.

Thank you all so much for the beautiful ride & the continuous support you’ve shown to our projects. All of them ended up so successful because of you.

Please respect my decision & understand that I can be in only one place right now thanks to my limited personal free time.

Stay tuned for more projects to the @echelondonates account. Love you all,

Sophie X”

I am so proud of Sophie that she’s wise enough to put school first. Sophie helped create Echelon Donates and will forever be a part of this family. We hope you will continue to support our efforts in helping to make a change in the world.

.@30STMVOTE and @MylesKQuotes announce Echelon for Luca!

Echelon for Luca

We’ve been having this project in our thoughts for quite a while & we believe it’s about time we launched it. It is created by @30STMVOTE & @MylesKQuotes (personal profiles: @sophiecaley & @marsketeer respectively).

Myles Kennedy for LucaWe were inspired by Myles Kennedy (the frontman of Alter Bridge & Slash’s band) who recently did the famous “hands-up for Luca”.

Luca is a beautiful 3 year old who was struck down with Meningococcal Septicaemia in early January and his life changed forever. This horrendous disease ravaged every part of his body in hours and left him fighting for his life!

With less than a 3% chance of survival Luca pulled through, however, he was not unscathed.

Luca lost both of his legs and all of his tissue, some muscle and skin below his hips. He has massive skin and tissue and muscle loss across his arms and shoulders and is now fighting to save his knees which have been severely damaged.

Our main goal with the specific project is to raise awareness about Luca & his disease. How are we going to do that?

We want YOU to send a “Hands Up for Luca” picture to this email:

  • Send the email with subject “Hands Up for Luca”
  • Include the picture (.jpg, .jpeg, .png extensions are acceptable).
  • Please keep a decent quality in the picture.
  • Include your Twitter name (or if you don’t have a Twitter account, your Facebook name) & your country in the email.

You can bring in your friends and/or family to take part. We aim to create a huge collage & share it with you. We want to make our voices heard because causes like that deserve to be acknowledged.

Deadline: 28th of February.

We’d like to encourage you to donate for Luca but this project does NOT require you to. This is about raising awareness, not raising funds. We want to give the chance to everyone out there to take part whether they have the ability to donate or not.

HOWEVER if you DO donate to this cause, please send us an email confirmation with your donation & we will specially thank you in the end of the project.

 For Luca

Important note: This project is not limited to the Echelon and/or the Myles Kennedy fans. Everyone is welcomed to take part in this beautiful cause, no matter the fanbase & no matter the music you listen to. This is about making the world a better place by spending 5 minutes from your life to spread the word about something valuable.

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