Honor Jared Leto’s Birthday by helping with the Hurricane Sandy Relief & Clean Up


Our favorite political pusher, recently shaved beardo, master musician, director extraordinaire & all around bad ass super star is celebrating his 41st birthday on December 26th! Last year we worked with Timberland Boot’s and Trees For The Futures Yele Vert project — and with the donations by the Echelon — over 71,000 trees were planted in Haiti!

This year we scrambled to change the project we’ve been working for a year on at the last minute to cover a cause that’s been in the media this past week. We’ve decided to promote not one but TWO charities since there’s so much needed to help those effected by Hurricane Sandy.


We are asking you to make your donations to the American Red Cross which is the first line of responders to any natural disaster in America. Please go to the American Red Cross to make your donation here.


PART ONE: We have reached out to Water 4 Waves which in the past has worked with Sean Penn’s organization J/P HRO to bring water filters to Haiti after the earthquake. They’re now looking to gather forces of volunteers to go to the decimated beach towns in New York & New Jersey to rebuild the destroyed sandy shores. Once W4W have finished their coordinating efforts they will notify us with the 4 W’s (Who/What/When/Where). They are asking people to donate to help with the clean up efforts here.

PART TWO: We will be asking for teams of Echelon to go & help rebuild the shores. Start thinking about stepping up to become an Echelon Team Captain for an area. There will be shore towns both in New York (I.E. Jones Beach, Long Beach, Rockaways) & New Jersey (I.E. Atlantic City, Belmar, Asbury Park) that will be restored by love & sweat.

How to get your name on the card:

It’s the normal plan of action Echelon. You MUST forward the email confirmation showing you donated to either the American Red Cross or Water 4 Waves & include your twitter name in the reply to EchelonDonates@gmail.com. You will receive a confirmation email from us in a day or so that we received your donation. If you volunteered your time to the clean up efforts with W4W, we ask the Team Captains to take a picture of the group & include everyone’s twitter names or real names to be added to the card.

No donations are needed if you volunteer your time but it’s greatly appreciated if you do! Now, let’s honor the man who made us family by helping families in need.