Announcing GIVE OUT LOUD Tuesdays: #LLFD Giveaway

By now most Echelon are bringing in the days of summer with Love Lust Faith + Dreams becoming the soundtrack to new memories. We’ve watched the live streams of shows and looped the record trying to decide which track is our favorite. Today Bright Lights, but tomorrow who knows? But imagine the Echelon who have yet to listen to the record or can’t get one due to their circumstances.

We are a Phan Army and our philanthropy starts from within. We take care of our own as well as helping others. Inspired by this, we are proud to announce GIVE OUT LOUD Tuesday! This will be a recurring series for Echelon Donates with the first few being reserved for our #LLFD Giveaway!


Echelon have donated albums to be given away as well these gorgeous double sided posters from the Church of Mars shows. Check out how you can get involved or enter to win!


Starting Tuesday June 11th,  we will giveaway 2 CD/Poster packages on each GIVE OUT LOUD Tuesday until we run out.

Pay attention @EchelonDonates feed to see when you can enter to win a CD/Poster package by tweeting: “Follow @EchelonDonates, the children of the GIVING empire! #giveoutloud” You must follow @EchelonDonates to win.

If you already have the album, you can make a nomination!

Leave a comment on this post to nominate someone to receive a CD/DVD/Poster package!

You can also be a donor!

We will need your support to ship the packages to our winners, so you may also participate by donating funds. If you have an extra album that you would like to donate to be given away, we want to hear from you as well! Two donors will be selected at random to receive a poster and some ED goodies. Learn how to donate to Echelon Donates #LLFD Giveaway.

Let’s spread the music and support our community by taking care of each other. It’s what families do. We hope you join us!


UPDATE: YOU Helped Get Shannon (@smmoyer69) and Betty (@MarsGranny) to the Hollywood!

Echelon Phans supporting each other is nothing new to this family. We’ve known many who have donated to send Echelon all over the world to see a Mars show. Now, @MerloTracey & @chick_that are doing the same to help one of ED’s very own! One has donated 2 concert tickets & the other is raising funds for the airfare.

We are happy to help manage & promote this project to send ED team member Shannon and her friend Betty Banana to Hollywood!

Ali of Echelon Donates and @chick_that are managing the PayPal account together for donations. If you could spare a few dollars to send 2 Echelon to Hollywood Bowl, please do so! The email address for PayPal is If you want to donate but do not have a PayPal and want to pay via credit card, use this link:

You will receive a confirmation from Echelon Donates new email address which is If you do not receive a confirmation email from us, please forward your donation confirmation to us along with your Twitter so that I can acknowledge you properly!

Thank you for your generosity!




Be a part of the #LLFDPhotoflash by @30STMVOTE!


Announcing….The LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS Photoflash!

Deadline: July 5th.

Please keep the quality of the picture as decent as possible.
Include the name of your COUNTRY in the e-mail.
I’ll create a collage out of all the pictures & I’ll share it with you.

I understand & know that many of you haven’t received the album yet & that’s the reason I tried to delay the deadline as much as possible. I want to give the final collage to MARS when I meet them in July. IF YOU have the album in your hands, feel free to send your picture already!

Let’s make this huge so we can show to the world that MARS IS HERE better than ever.
Plus— if the project ends up big, MARS will love the overwhelming support from the Echelon.
For any questions, contact: @30STMVOTE on Twitter or visit my ask box here.

Spread the word about this project everywhere — in all your social media pages & make sure your echelon friends know about it so they can take part too. Talk about it on Twitter with the hashtag #LLFDPhotoflash.

p.s. The event has an official Facebook event page! Find it here & invite your friends to join and/or post it to other echelon pages so they can promote it themselves.

p.p.s. If you DO take part, please send a post in Twitter “I just took part in the #LLFDPhotoflash. You?” or a similar tweet in order to promote the project. Thank you!

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City Of Angels by Jared Leto #UnionSquareMarsFlash by @EchelonDonates

Who saw the last minute tweets from Jared Leto saying he was going to do a #UnionSquareMarsFlash on Saturday, May 11, 2013? Well Ali (AKA Alicia) the leader of our team happened to be plugging in the address to her hotel in Philly into her GPS when she saw the tweet. Instead of heading off to Philly she put the peddle to the metal & hauled butt into NYC!

It was a small gathering of less than 50 Echelon who answered the call. No mic’s were needed & Jared’s voice stood out from the loud song of sirens mixed with the rest of the sounds from the city.  Ali described the event via twitter as…

Some sermons move the soul. @jaredleto singing moves me more than a priests words ever could #ChurchOfMars


The @NYC_Echelon Street Team to Promote Love Lust Faith + Dreams during Earth Day #ED4ED

Besides managing Echelon Donates I’m also a busy little Echelon who’s one of the Street Team Captains for the NYC Echelon. Our first Street Team assault in July 2011 had us on a billboard in Time Square where the team won the Night Of The Hunter contest! We also responsibly papered the streets of New York promoting the Mars300 concert series in November 2011. Now Mars has a new album out so strap on your chucks or low heeled boots and we’ll be walk the streets to get the word out about Love Lust Faith + Dreams!

I asked @PulangMansanas who’s a member of Echelon Donates to whip something up for the NYC Echelon Street Team to use & she made these BAD ASS FLYERS!?!?!?

Claudia was so awesome to make flyers for the US, UK AND Australia release dates! She’s allowing everyone to use her creations so make sure to send her some love & thanks!

During the two Earth Day Events in NYC on Saturday, April 20, 2013 & on Saturday, April 27, 2013, we will also be hosting a Street Team assault getting the word out that Thirty Seconds To Mars has a new album! Email us at if you’re interested in volunteering for either Earth Day event along with the street assault. BRING THE ENTIRE FAMILY!

A great idea for the flyers is why not print them on plantable seeded paper!?!?! It’s a great eco choice & a way to help promote Earth Day on Monday, April 22, 2013. *hint hint*

So who’s going to host their own Earth Day / LLFD street assault? Let us know & we’ll help promote it!

Follow the NYC Echelon on FaceBook & on Twitter

 LLFD Flyer BW - US

Black & White UK LLFD Flyers
Black & White Australia LLFD Flyers

LLFD Flyer Color - US

Color UK LLFD Flyers
Color Australia LLFD Flyers

Press Release: Echelon Donates and DOC NYC Partner To Help Victims Of Hurricane Sandy via City Harvest


Echelon Donates and DOC NYC partner to help victims of Hurricane Sandy via City Harvest

For Immediate Release
New York, NY November 4, 2012
E. Tirado

“The Lady Avengers of the Echelon! A crew of super woman fans making earth a way better place in honor of their fave pop-rock martians.” – MTV ACT

 As an immediate response to the tragedy that has struck the tri-state area ECHELON DONATES and DOC NYC New York’s Documentary Festival have teamed up to run a food drive to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy, during this year’s festival.

From Thursday, November 8 – Sunday, November 11, 2012, film-goers will be able to drop off non-perishable items, at collection boxes located in the SVA Theatre at 333 West 23rd St (between 8th & 9th Ave) during festival hours, for CITY HARVEST.

Echelon Donates is a non-profit organization founded by fans of the rock band Thirty Seconds to Mars, and with the US premiere of “Artifact” at DOC NYC – a film about the battle between Thirty Second to Mars and their label Virgin/EMI – many of the band’s fans, known as the Echelon, will be in attendance.

“With so many Echelon attending, it was only natural that we ask them and all the festival goers to stand alongside us and DOC NYC to help out during the harsh circumstances that have affected so many,” stated Alicia Zen,Co-founder Echelon Donates. “It’s what’s needed and we can’t sit aside and do nothing.”

City Harvest is working to help meet the increased demand for food across the five boroughs, while it continues to support its network of soup kitchens and food pantries.

The most needed foods are:

  • Canned fruit
  • Canned vegetables
  • Peanut butter (plastic jars)
  • Mac and cheese (packaged)
  • Hot and cold cereal (packaged, family-sized)
  • Baby Formula
  • No glass, please, with the exception of baby food
  • Powdered milk

*Note: City Harvest cannot accept: unlabeled or dented cans, any open packaging, products that need to  be refrigerated, homemade foods, or expired products.

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Alicia featured in Echelon Fan Army Manifesto on O Music Awards Blog

Did my eyes deceive me or was that our dear Alicia on the O Music Awards Blog in the Echelon Fan Army Manifesto video???
Yes, it was! Go check it out:

Echelon Fan Army Manifesto

Outside of the viewing region, click here!

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The Echelon for Fan Army FTW
VyRT for Best Online Music Experience

O Music Awards will be on Wednesday, June 27th at 7:30 pm ET. Remember, daily voting limits are meant to be reached…DAILY!