Support Adrenal Cancer Research with @SpencerBell Tribute Album II

“I’m honestly not sure where this life is going
And I just as honestly do not care
So long as I can love
And be loved
So long as I can inspire
And be inspired
So long as the sun keeps sliding through the sky,
And the rain still falls on occasion,
I’m sure that whatever supremely awaits me
Shall come
And when finality brings itself to me
I will not run and vainly avoid the inevitable
I will cast my arms out and blindly
Embrace my end
Just as I have always embraced whatever
Has come with the wind”

-Spencer Bell

Spencer Bell was a poet, musician, and artist who passed away from adrenal cancer in 2006. His loved ones and supporters are keeping his artistic legacy alive and fundraising for adrenal caner research.

Support the second (and final) memorial album. All contributions go to adrenal cancer research.

Thank you @daikou, who is designing the album, for bringing this inspiring project to our attention.

Poem and photo via


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