Work to VyRT Giveaway by @EchelonDonates!


The moment you have been waiting for has come: Artifact is coming to VyRT!

On this wondrous occasion, we wanted to do a giveaway for the world premiere of the award winning documentary. Now wait, there’s a catch! We are going to make you work for it.

Being an Echelon is about more than Thirty Seconds To Mars. It’s also about being part of a family and community. So what we would like you to do is give back to your community and/or environment. How?

By doing a good deed.

It could be volunteering at your local soup kitchen, or picking up trash around your neighborhood. Or planting a tree! Even spending an afternoon with the elderly playing cards at their retirement home. Or helping them get their groceries to their car.

Everything you can do to help counts.

You must submit a picture, if you’re able to, of what you did to help your community or environment with a description. If you’re not able to do a photo, submit a small detailed description of your giving adventure.

All submissions should be sent to with “Artifact/VyRT Work For It Giveaway” in the subject.

Deadline for all submissions in by August 15, 2013. Two lucky winners will be chosen and will receive Artifact on VyRT.

Remember, the biggest gift of all is the goodwill you’ll receive by giving back.

With Love,


“Artifact/VyRT Work For It Giveaway” Team Leader


Our baby @EchelonDonates is turning 2!



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