Join the #BIRTH Week Mission with @PulangMansanas!

The #BIRTH Week Mission

As you all probably already know, it’s #BIRTH WEEK! MARS asked us to spread the song and get creative.

Here’s what I’m up to and I thought it would be fun if AS MANY OF YOU AS POSSIBLE would join me! I know this is a contest and that some of you probably don’t wanna help out because they want to win themselves but isn’t it about the fun as well? I’d really appreciate if you’d join in 🙂

I made this simple flyer:

(I tested the barcode, it should work!)

Here’s what you should do with it:

Save a high quality version of the image, print it and go spread it around your town!

Doesn’t matter where, doesn’t matter when. It can be on your way to work or school or somewhere in the subway or in the train or in the bus or on the road or give it to a random stranger. WHEREVER! Bring a scotchtape and the flyers with you and just go wild! It’s a thing of two seconds! You can also tweet photos to MARS to show them what we’re up to… BUT FOLLOW THE RULE AT THE BOTTOM!

And here’s a little favor I want to ask you for as well:

Take a photo of a flyer you just distributed and send it to adding your name and “BIRTH” in your language.

Simple right?

Since this is a really spontaneous project the deadline is pretty soon. I’d be glad if I have as many entries as possible by THURSDAY (June 20th) so I can do the collage on Friday and send it to MARS. And of course I will need ALL THE SUPPORT I CAN GET to get this project spreading as fast and to as many people as possible. So PLEASE tweet it out, spread it on your websites or social networks every day so we can get as many people together as possible!

Wanna join me? THEN GET GOING!

One rule:

PLEASE if you tweet this to MARS or send them photos of the flyers etc. ALWAYS give credit to me. Don’t steal my idea… I TRUST YOU!

But most of all:


via @PulangMansanas


One comment on “Join the #BIRTH Week Mission with @PulangMansanas!

  1. Amy Weatherford says:

    Count me in!
    I wasn’t born until 30 Seconds to Mars came into my life! I thank God every day for Jared, Shannon and Tomo. You make it ALL worthwhile. I love each of you so much! xoxoxo

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