Announcing GIVE OUT LOUD Tuesdays: #LLFD Giveaway

By now most Echelon are bringing in the days of summer with Love Lust Faith + Dreams becoming the soundtrack to new memories. We’ve watched the live streams of shows and looped the record trying to decide which track is our favorite. Today Bright Lights, but tomorrow who knows? But imagine the Echelon who have yet to listen to the record or can’t get one due to their circumstances.

We are a Phan Army and our philanthropy starts from within. We take care of our own as well as helping others. Inspired by this, we are proud to announce GIVE OUT LOUD Tuesday! This will be a recurring series for Echelon Donates with the first few being reserved for our #LLFD Giveaway!


Echelon have donated albums to be given away as well these gorgeous double sided posters from the Church of Mars shows. Check out how you can get involved or enter to win!


Starting Tuesday June 11th,  we will giveaway 2 CD/Poster packages on each GIVE OUT LOUD Tuesday until we run out.

Pay attention @EchelonDonates feed to see when you can enter to win a CD/Poster package by tweeting: “Follow @EchelonDonates, the children of the GIVING empire! #giveoutloud” You must follow @EchelonDonates to win.

If you already have the album, you can make a nomination!

Leave a comment on this post to nominate someone to receive a CD/DVD/Poster package!

You can also be a donor!

We will need your support to ship the packages to our winners, so you may also participate by donating funds. If you have an extra album that you would like to donate to be given away, we want to hear from you as well! Two donors will be selected at random to receive a poster and some ED goodies. Learn how to donate to Echelon Donates #LLFD Giveaway.

Let’s spread the music and support our community by taking care of each other. It’s what families do. We hope you join us!


14 comments on “Announcing GIVE OUT LOUD Tuesdays: #LLFD Giveaway

  1. Emma (@EmmaFromMars) says:

    Hello I want to make a nomination. I think @zivilesukyte (on Twitter) should win. I know she’ll get her CD which was gifted by other Echelon but I also know she wanted to see MARS 300 very much but couldn’t so I think she deserved to see MARS 300 and I believe would be happy having that gorgeous poster. She’s very supportive towards your work just I think she will be too shy to participate because she will get her album soon. With love Emma:]

  2. Haydée says:

    Amo a mi family ECHELON

  3. france says:

    I nominate @zivilesukyte she is so caring for all echelon and has helped me personally through so much. 🙂 x

  4. @EchelonQueen46 says:

    I nominate myself for the poster 😀 and @Diana2Dody

  5. sara says:

    I nominate @beshoangel

  6. Ana says:

    I want to make a nomination. I think @saba_6277 should win a LLFD CD, she’s from Iraq & she can’t buy a copy (digital or physical) because there’s no credit card or PayPal system in her country, also, everyone knows how bad the situation there! She is so shy to participate so I did it for her, she’s a very nice girl who really deserves to win. It would mean the world to her. I hope you’ll take that into consideration.
    Thank you so much.

  7. Hi family,count me in

  8. Frenchie says:

    It gives me honor to nominate my sister charlette @7x7_7 she is truly deserving in soo many ways. Words cannot exxpress how lucky we alll our to have such a dedicated echelon in the family…. Love Frenchie @EchelonPrincess ❤

  9. Lenah Mars says:

    How can I participate? 🙂

    • The directions on how to enter/win are written in this post. If English isn’t your primary language, we have a translate feature on the right side of the screen.

      Good luck

  10. tara1leto says:

    I nominate @boinkrise (on twitter ) to win LLFD cd ,she’s from Iraq ,she’s very sweet and she really wants one,she have been an echelon for four years and she have no merch at all,and clearly haven’t meet mars ,and she can’t buy online because Iraq don’t have credit cards or Paypal …so I really hope she win

  11. Caro says:

    I nominate @saba_6277 to win the LLFD CD, she’s such an amazing and dedicated fan and she truly deserves to win this.

  12. Colette Barrett says:

    Hi there! I would like to nominate @saba_6277. She is a WONDERFUL Echelon from Iraq who hasn’t been able to purchase the CD. She’s one of the sweetest people I’ve had the pleasure to meet and she loves Mars more than a lot of American Echelon I’ve come across. A friend of hers was supposed to send the CD to her but hasn’t. I really feel she is so worthy of this giveaway, I hope you’ll consider her. I’d send her one myself if my own funds weren’t so low at the moment. Thanks!

  13. @MissMel96 says:

    I nominate Katie Mollo (@katiemollo) to win a COM poster (she already has the album). Katie has listened to MARS in the past but with the help of my persistent tweets and my sharing of MARS videos, she has recently discovered them again and has found some amazing Echelon sisters on Twitter. She truly embodies the word Echelon. She is always paying it forward in her community and to her family and friends. Love this girl!

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