Be a part of the #LLFDPhotoflash by @30STMVOTE!


Announcing….The LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS Photoflash!

Deadline: July 5th.

Please keep the quality of the picture as decent as possible.
Include the name of your COUNTRY in the e-mail.
I’ll create a collage out of all the pictures & I’ll share it with you.

I understand & know that many of you haven’t received the album yet & that’s the reason I tried to delay the deadline as much as possible. I want to give the final collage to MARS when I meet them in July. IF YOU have the album in your hands, feel free to send your picture already!

Let’s make this huge so we can show to the world that MARS IS HERE better than ever.
Plus— if the project ends up big, MARS will love the overwhelming support from the Echelon.
For any questions, contact: @30STMVOTE on Twitter or visit my ask box here.

Spread the word about this project everywhere — in all your social media pages & make sure your echelon friends know about it so they can take part too. Talk about it on Twitter with the hashtag #LLFDPhotoflash.

p.s. The event has an official Facebook event page! Find it here & invite your friends to join and/or post it to other echelon pages so they can promote it themselves.

p.p.s. If you DO take part, please send a post in Twitter “I just took part in the #LLFDPhotoflash. You?” or a similar tweet in order to promote the project. Thank you!

Reposted from 30STMVOTE’s tumblr.


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