The Echelon Gives Back To @30STMVOTE


How can you be an Echelon and not think of @30STMVOTE? She’s been a strong voice leading the Echelon by calling them to arms to vote for the band, to have us call or tweet radio stations asking to play the latest Mars songs and of course how selflessly she dedicates her time to help others out. Look at what she’s done with Echelon Donates, starting the VyRT giveaways, Hands Up For Luca and giving away the 2 tickets she won from Jared for the LLF+D CD project she’s doing in partnership with @ACall2Arms.

Now it’s time for the Echelon to say THANK YOU SOPHIE!!! We are asking the Echelon to donate $5 or what ever can be donated so she can fly, stay in a hotel and buy a ticket to see a 30 Seconds To Mars show. We already have about 10 people who’ve donated!

If you want to say thanks to Sophie for all her hard work then send us a donation for the Echelon Gives Back To @30STMVOTE Project! PayPal us at MAKE SURE TO SEND IT AS A GIFT SO THERE AREN’T BANK FEES DEBITED. In the notes section please include your twitter name to be added to the card sent to Sophie.

We love you Sophie and there’s so many out there who love you too.


5 comments on “The Echelon Gives Back To @30STMVOTE

  1. The list of donors so far are as follows…
    Aigerim K.
    Amy G.
    Ann P
    Karin A

    Please email us if your name is not listed above and you’ve donated as of Wednesday, April 24, 2013 12:02AM NYC time

  2. Flo CUFFAUT says:

    Thanks so much Ali for this great initiative. Thanks to you all for being so generous for Sophie. ❤

  3. Ulrica Lindholm says:

    Hello I would love to help. Do you have an bank account number so I can transfer an donation. I’m @Vivs_83 on Twitter

  4. Ulrica Lindholm says:

    Hello again. Transferred a donation now. Love Ulrica @Vivs_83 from twitter

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