Hands Up for Luca Collage and More from @30STMVOTE and @MylesKQuotes

Thank you to everyone (30 SECONDS TO MARS, MYLES KENNEDY FANS and ALL the rest) who took part in our HANDS UP FOR LUCA project (inspired by Myles Kennedy)!

Hands Up for Luca Collage
We achieved more than we hoped for thanks to your incredible participation & will to help a great child like Luca. We will not forget that. However, we will need your help once again.

Hands Up for Luca: Part Two

Everyone can participate in the second part (meaning you’re not required to have taken part in the first part). We’re asking you to:

  • Print the full definition of the collage, go out in the streets (or generally somewhere outdoors) & post it wherever you can. Let’s make this huge! Maybe someone will see this & will decide to find more about Luca & maybe even donate. Take pictures of your efforts & email them at fansforluca@yahoo.com with subject “Outer Mission For Luca” including your (Twitter/FB) name & country.
  • Bring the collage to Myles Kennedy’s -Alter Bridge’s & Thirty Seconds To Mars’ attention by tweeting them its link to them (@MylesKennedy, @alterbridge , @30secondstomars, @jaredleto, @shannonleto, @tomofromearth). Make sure you mention @for_luca, @myleskquotes & @30stmvote in your tweets. (We know it’s a lot to ask in 140 characters, that’s why you’re encouraged to send more than one tweet)


View the collage’s full definition.

Download Here!

Don’t forget to:
Like –> http://www.facebook.com/forluca1
Follow –> http://www.twitter.com/for_luca
Donate –> http://www.justgiving.com/forluca

Originally posted on Myles Kennedy Quotes’ Facebook


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