Celebrate Shanimal’s (@ShannonLeto) Birthday with Doctors Without Borders

ED Honors Shannon Leto

We are so excited to announce the latest project in honor of our beloved Shanimal’s birthday with Doctors Without Borders! We couldn’t think of a better way to show love and gratitude to our quiet genius than by donating to the quiet geniuses who work tirelessly behind the scenes providing medical aid to those in need around the world. We know March 9th is coming up rather quickly, so we are gonna honor Shannon’s entire birthday month!

Deadline to donate and be a part of the ED card is March 31st.

How to donate:

  • In the Unites States, click here to make your donation.
  • Outside of the US, please find the website to your country and follow the directions to make your donation.
  • If neither of these options works and you would like to donate via Echelon Donates’ PayPal account, then send us an email and we will be glad to work with you!

Please note: All donations will be made minus the service fees deducted by Paypal. No fees or funds are held by Echelon Donates.

To get your name and Twitter on the card, you MUST email the donation confirmation to EchelonDonates@gmail.com.

Please note: Only donations made to Doctors Without Borders will qualify you to get your name on the card. If no email is received, your name will not be placed on the card.

Sophie (@30STMVOTE) Says Farewell to Echelon Donates


Sophie (@30STMVOTE) tweeted yesterday announcing she is leaving Echelon Donates. This is what she had to say…

I regret to inform you that I am no longer part of Echelon Donates. As most of you know, university has taken over a big part of my life & since MARS is coming up with an upcoming album, tour & who knows what else – I want to dedicate 100% of my free time to the promotion of the band [from this account].I discussed it with Alicia, who is the co-founder of ED & she will keep going with the account & website herself. This means, there will be more Echelon Donates projects for you & the band. I will keep supporting the organization but unfortunately I won’t be able to be a vital part of it.

Thank you all so much for the beautiful ride & the continuous support you’ve shown to our projects. All of them ended up so successful because of you.

Please respect my decision & understand that I can be in only one place right now thanks to my limited personal free time.

Stay tuned for more projects to the @echelondonates account. Love you all,

Sophie X”

I am so proud of Sophie that she’s wise enough to put school first. Sophie helped create Echelon Donates and will forever be a part of this family. We hope you will continue to support our efforts in helping to make a change in the world.