Sophie (@30STMVOTE) interviewed by MTV Act about Hands Up for Luca!

Hands up for Luca on MTV Act

Congrats to our co-founder Sophie (aka @30STMVote) and Faye (aka @MylesKQuotes) for their project being featured on MTV Act! We are so proud and encourage everyone to get involved.

Learn more about the Hands Up for Luca project.


.@30STMVOTE and @MylesKQuotes announce Echelon for Luca!

Echelon for Luca

We’ve been having this project in our thoughts for quite a while & we believe it’s about time we launched it. It is created by @30STMVOTE & @MylesKQuotes (personal profiles: @sophiecaley & @marsketeer respectively).

Myles Kennedy for LucaWe were inspired by Myles Kennedy (the frontman of Alter Bridge & Slash’s band) who recently did the famous “hands-up for Luca”.

Luca is a beautiful 3 year old who was struck down with Meningococcal Septicaemia in early January and his life changed forever. This horrendous disease ravaged every part of his body in hours and left him fighting for his life!

With less than a 3% chance of survival Luca pulled through, however, he was not unscathed.

Luca lost both of his legs and all of his tissue, some muscle and skin below his hips. He has massive skin and tissue and muscle loss across his arms and shoulders and is now fighting to save his knees which have been severely damaged.

Our main goal with the specific project is to raise awareness about Luca & his disease. How are we going to do that?

We want YOU to send a “Hands Up for Luca” picture to this email:

  • Send the email with subject “Hands Up for Luca”
  • Include the picture (.jpg, .jpeg, .png extensions are acceptable).
  • Please keep a decent quality in the picture.
  • Include your Twitter name (or if you don’t have a Twitter account, your Facebook name) & your country in the email.

You can bring in your friends and/or family to take part. We aim to create a huge collage & share it with you. We want to make our voices heard because causes like that deserve to be acknowledged.

Deadline: 28th of February.

We’d like to encourage you to donate for Luca but this project does NOT require you to. This is about raising awareness, not raising funds. We want to give the chance to everyone out there to take part whether they have the ability to donate or not.

HOWEVER if you DO donate to this cause, please send us an email confirmation with your donation & we will specially thank you in the end of the project.

 For Luca

Important note: This project is not limited to the Echelon and/or the Myles Kennedy fans. Everyone is welcomed to take part in this beautiful cause, no matter the fanbase & no matter the music you listen to. This is about making the world a better place by spending 5 minutes from your life to spread the word about something valuable.

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