Lostprophets getting into the act to help raise funds for J/P HRO!

Yes, you read it!

The Alternative Rock bad Lostprophets signed a poster at the Holmdel, NJ USA Vans Warped Tour & graciously allowed ACall2Arms to auction/raffle it off to help us raise $20,000 for J/P HRO.

The fan-fricken-tastic drummer of Lostprophets even retweeted Alicia’s thank you!

To enter for a chance to win the signed Lostprophets poster, visit ACall2Arms site & purchase the $5.00 USD entry fee for the raffle.

You can & ARE ENCOURAGED to purchase multiple entries for a chance to win! 100% net profits goes to the Help Haiti Home Fundraiser! DRAW IS ON FRIDAY AUGUST 17th! (NOTE: This raffle will not put you into the drawing for the JaredLeto.com Haiti Photo Books)

If you want to check them out visit their website. Listen to their previous hits like Rooftops & Last Train Home or check out their new single Bring’Em Down from their new album Weapons!


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