Thank You For Your Donation To An Echelon Gift To Jared Leto

Thank you for your tax deductible donation to Yele Vert.

To have your Twitter name added to the presentation card, which will be given to Jared twice in person, please email the confirmation email from PayPal and your Twitter name. The first list of donors will be listed on a card given by Sophie on November 25, 2011 in Hohenems, Austria & the second round of names will be given by Alicia on December 7, 2011 show in New York City.

You can also help in getting trees planted in Haiti just by using FaceBook. If you and your Facebook friends reach 1 million trees, Timberland will plant them in Haiti. Click here to launch the Plant A Forest For Haiti App.

Thank you for helping the Echelon make a difference.


Alicia and Sophie

Creators of @EchelonDonates
“Where the Echelon gives back”


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