Donate to have Trees Planted in Haiti for Jared’s Birthday

About The Project:

Currently in Haiti less than 2% of their natural forest is still in existence. Trees are the primary source of fuel & food for the impoverished country. Timberland Shoes has partnered with Yele Haiti, Trees For The Future & Green Network to have a million trees planted annually in Haiti by Haitians. You can learn more about their commitment at here.

We are currently working with Timberland in how we are to manage the donations. We may direct the fans to the donation link for Trees For The Future. This is still being worked out but again, no funds will be filtered through Echelon Donates.

Learn about our plans after the break.

The plan of attack is this:

  • A full month prior to Jared’s birthday, the project will be launched
  • FaceBook event page will be created to manage who gave donations & to answer any questions
  • 3 Echelon blogs have confirmed posting the story on their sites at different times to promote the project
  • Tumblr campaign will also be launched in conjunction with the twitter campaign headed by several Echelon champions like Sophie in Greece who is also the co-chair for this project, MarsArmy vs. Hunger, Maria in Italy, Life On Mars Portugal & many others.
  • Worldwide Echelon will reach out to their local radio stations to help promote the project. KROQ in Los Angeles & Radio 105 in the Bay area retweeted a few times the Tomo Birthday Tree Planting Project.

Our goal this time is more direct. We will be creating an email that will be sent to the stations asking them to post the project onto the radios website, to help tweet about the project & our ultimate goal is to have them mention it on the air.

With a collaborative effort with the Echelon we hope to raise a sizable amount of funds to aid the environment, inject much needed funds into the Haitian economy & help the Haitians provide for themselves.

The Mission:

We need your help. Please get the names & email addresses for either the Promotions or the Marketing Director of the local radio stations that play 30 Seconds To Mars.

You can email the information to Sophie at We will be mailing them to see if they will post the story on their website to help get the word out to increase donations.

We all have high hopes for this project & with your help we can make a large positive impact to help the people of Haiti.


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