What Does It Mean To You As An Echelon To Give Back? Show Us!

Echelon Donates wants you to submit your videos on what giving back as an Echelon means to you!

We have created a virtual Summit, much like 30 Seconds to Mars, where you can submit these videos. Be as creative as possible, but please keep your videos to under a minute. We will choose the best ones to be featured in a promo video for the current Echelon Donates project “Trees Planted in Haiti – An Echelon Gift to Jared Leto”.

Submissions are due by November 11th. Please submit them to EchelonDonates@gmail.com

Videos must be able to be sent as an attachment in an email.

*We figure the easiest and best way to do this is to videotape your submissions using your cell phone’s camera.*

Thank you @CSK3983 for making this happen!


If we reach $3,000 by November 7th, a Secret Echelon will donate $2,000!!!

We were emailed this morning by a GENEROUS Echelon who is giving us AND YOU a challenge. If we raise a total of $3,000 by 12:00PM Eastern Time on November 7, 2011, our Secret Echelon will donate $2,000!!! If we don’t reach the $3,000 mark, our Secret Echelon will match the donations given from today until the November 7th deadline.

We’re currently at $1,003. If we meet the $3,000 mark by the cutoff date we will be at $5,000!

We can do this Echelon!!!

Make your donations directly to Trees for The Future HERE!

Thank You For Your Donation To An Echelon Gift To Jared Leto

Thank you for your tax deductible donation to Yele Vert.

To have your Twitter name added to the presentation card, which will be given to Jared twice in person, please email EchelonDonates@gmail.com the confirmation email from PayPal and your Twitter name. The first list of donors will be listed on a card given by Sophie on November 25, 2011 in Hohenems, Austria & the second round of names will be given by Alicia on December 7, 2011 show in New York City.

You can also help in getting trees planted in Haiti just by using FaceBook. If you and your Facebook friends reach 1 million trees, Timberland will plant them in Haiti. Click here to launch the Plant A Forest For Haiti App.

Thank you for helping the Echelon make a difference.


Alicia and Sophie

Creators of @EchelonDonates
“Where the Echelon gives back”