Vicki’s Birthday Project: Donate to ASPCA

Vicki has helped to support the Echelon with our vast projects so lets show her our gratitude. As you know Vicki’s passion is animal rights which is fitting since she & Tomo have a small animal kingdom in their Los Angeles home.

About the ASPCA:
For over 140 years the ASPCA has worked tirelessly to end animal cruelty. From education and care to adoption and rescue, the ASPCA is making a life changing difference for animals across America. Your support will mean so much to the animals right in your community. Thank you for making the ASPCA and the animals we serve a part of your life.

Donate Here!

To have your donation count towards the drive, you must email us a confirmation email. Send all emails to

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you in helping to give Vicki a well deserved Echelon Birthday Present.


Alicia and Sophie

Creators of @EchelonDonates
“Where the Echelon gives back”


8 comments on “Vicki’s Birthday Project: Donate to ASPCA

  1. FayeAthens says:

    You girls touched my heart ! Vicki's Bday is a good reason to become better people!

  2. We have our first donation! Thank you @ThisIsZeri for making the first donation & helping us choose to the ASPCA as the recipient for Vicki's Birthday Project!- Alicia

  3. We have our second donation thanks to Faye AKA @AllEchelonHope2THANK YOU!!!Alicia

  4. We have donations from Indonesia Greece Australia Italy Sweden & USA for $285!!! @30STMVOTE & I thank you =) Alicia

  5. Thanks to a member of The Hive we have raised $415!!!!

  6. Im so amazed at the giving nature of the Echelon. The last count for today is at a whopping $505!!!!

  7. The latest donation count is $515!!!I bet the ASPCA is in love with the Echelon =)

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